Welcome to St. Dominic Savio!

Welcome to all Parishioners and Visitors!

St. Dominic Saint of the Day – 9 March – St Dominic Savio (1842-1857) “The Little  Giant” – AnaStpaulSavio is a welcoming Roman Catholic Parish. Our community is centered on the Eucharist, and we strive to live and share the Good News and grow in discipleship with the Lord. Our Pastoral Priorities 2024-2027 are Worship, Witness, and Service.

Thanks foyour interest in our parish. You’re welcome here. Whether you’re just visiting us for a brief time, looking for a new parish, returning to the practice of the Catholic faith, or just interested in finding out more about the Catholic Church, we’re happy to have you here. We invite you to worship with us.

See Parish Daily Calendar and Mass Times below.

A parish is a community of believers and a spiritual family that is supportive and loving. It can be a place to grow spiritually, to put your faith in action, and to use our gifts of time and talent as disciples of Christ. We look forward to answering any questions you may have. In the meantime, please look through the resources we’ve made available on these pages, or talk to any of us.

The Church is open during office hours for private prayers. If the door is not open, ring the doorbell and the staff will let you in.

See events happening around the Archdiocese of Edmonton.

Sacraments Page Links

Click here to read Archbishop Richard Smith preaching on the witness of St. Dominic Savio as an answer to cultural division. Archbishop Smith preached at St. Dominic Savio parish during his visit, March 16-17, 2024.

Archbishop Richard Smith during visit to St. Dominic Savio, Photo by Gerry Simard.

Archbishop Richard Smith during a visit to St. Dominic Savio, Photo by Gerry Simard.

Our Priest

Rev. George Atok, SDB


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Sunday Mass

Saturday (Sunday Vigil): 5:00 PM.

Sunday: 9:30 AM; 11:30 AM.

Weekday Mass

8:30 AM: Tuesday to Friday, and First Saturday/Month

OLPH Novena: 6:30 PM, Every Wednesday
OLPH Novena Mass: 6:30 PM, First Wednesday of each month

Community Sunday Mass

African Mass (English): 2:00 PM, Last Sunday of each month
Filipino Mass: 2:00 PM, Third Sunday of each month


Saturday, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM
Thursday 9:00 AM
Friday 9:00 AM

Holy Hour

Friday: 9:00 – 10:00 AM


Weekdays Lectionary A (Weeks 1-9)

Weekdays Lectionary B (Weeks 6-34)

Research report by the Benedict XVI Institute on newly ordained priests in Canada.

106th Annual Skaro Shrine Pilgrimage – Aug. 14-15 – caedm

Living Truth

Bible Study Group

Are you interested in Bible Study?

Do you want to grow in your knowledge of the Bible?

Search the Scriptures to know the Truth

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

Click here to Join us

Phone: 780-473-4259. Email: Stdominicsavio.edm@caedm.ca

Parish BBQ and market

Saturday, September 14, 2024

11 am – 3 pm

The parish BBQ and market will be held on Saturday, September 14 from 11-3 pm. Plan to enjoy free burgers, hot dogs, drinks, games, and crafts with your family and friends. There will also be an opportunity to shop at the market. Everyone is welcome. 

If you would like to rent a table to sell your goods at the market, please sign up in the foyer by leaving your full name and phone number. The cost is $20 per table, if you pay before August 31 and $25 after that. You will be contacted to arrange payment.


Click Here to view Poster

Note: If you know anyone who prepared to receive sacraments in previous years (before 2020) who has not yet received the sacraments, please speak to someone in the parish or contact the parish office.

First Communion Registration

Click here to register

Confirmation Registration

Click here to register

For more information contact Parish Office

Phone: 780-473-4259 ext 2

Email: stdominicsavio.sacraments@caedm.ca

RCIA Registration

Click here to register

Please click to download the registration form and return it to the parish office.
You can email the form to Stdominicsavio.sacraments@caedm.ca

This program is for: Anyone over 14 who has not yet been baptized or received First Holy Communion or Confirmation or anyone who wishes to become Catholic.

RCIA (adapted for children/youth)

Registration is now open.

Please click to download the registration form and return it to the parish office.
You can email the form to Stdominicsavio.sacraments@caedm.ca

This program is for: Any child/youth 7 years of age and older who has not been baptized and parents wanting their child/youth to enter this Catholic faith are encouraged to register.

To Register, fill out the registration form, and send it to Stdominicsavio.sacraments@caedm.ca.

Supplementary form for Married or Formerly Married inquirers: Supplementary Marriage Form.

For MORE INFORMATION, contact Parish Office at 780-473-4259 ext 2 or email stdominicsavio.sacraments@caedm.ca.


Congratulations to the 2024 RCIA candidates:

– Brynn, Solantine, Christopher, and Sofia

They received their sacraments at the Easter Vigil –  March 30, 2024.

Please pray for them.

Pancake Breakfast

The next one will be announced at Church.

Come, join us for a delicious breakfast and socialize with our fellow parishioners.

Filipino Mass

Sunday, July 21,  2 P.M.

(every 3rd Sunday of the month)

Followed by a Community Potluck

All Filipinos in the area are welcome to join us in this Community Worship and gathering.

See you in St. Dominic Savio Church!!!

African Mass & Potluck

Nigerian African Catholic Community Edmonton, NACCE

invites you to join them for

Mass & Potluck

Sunday, July 28, 2024, at 2:00 PM

at St. Dominic Savio Parish Edmonton.

Everyone is invited! Invite friends and family. See you there!

(NACCE meets on the Last Sunday of Every Month)

Nigerian African Catholic Community celebrates eight years of worship and witness – caedm

Parish Seniors Group 

Young at Heart (YAH)

Our Seniors Group meets every 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:30 am.


The Children’s Liturgy Ministry is a wonderful opportunity for children aged 5-12 years old to participate more fully during Mass and gain a better understanding of how Jesus is their lifelong friend.

This ministry is in urgent need of volunteers, particularly at the Saturday 5 pm Masses and the 11:30 am Mass on Sundays. It begins the weekend of October 14-15 when volunteers are available.

We are blessed to have Paige oversee this ministry and organize all materials for the children. 

Volunteers simply read the children’s version of the Gospel and lead a small activity. These will be provided for you at each Mass. Choose the Masses you can help with. Teens aged 13 and older are also welcome to help. Please consider helping the children in our parish for 15 minutes or so during mass by contacting the parish office.

This is a simple and highly rewarding ministry.

Church Etiquette

As Catholics, there are certain guidelines we must follow to ensure we receive the sacraments validly.

When attending mass, it is proper to do the following:

· Arrive early to ensure you are properly settled and ready to worship God.  If you are arriving during or after the homily, you are late and will disrupt those who arrived on time.

· Dress modestly and appropriately before the Lord.  Men and boys, kindly remove hats, toques, etc.

· Make the Sign of the Cross with holy water upon entering the Church.

· Fasting is an obligation for a minimum of 1 hour prior to mass, except medicine, water or if someone is ill and needs to eat. 

· Please do not bring any food or beverages into the sacred space of the church.  Chewing gum is also considered impolite.

· Turn your cell phone off or to silent mode.

· Say Amen before receiving the Body of Christ.
Amen means ‘it is true’ or ‘let it be so’. 
It is important that all Catholics who are receiving Communion respond with ONLY “Amen” and not “Thank You”.

· If you receive communion in your hand, consume the host immediately. Do not take it back to your pew.

· Refrain from conversations inside the Church, they are disruptive to those who are trying to pray. 

· Don’t exit the church until after the final song and after the priest has completed the recessional procession.

News around The Archdiocese

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