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  • St. Dominic Savio CWL Scholarship Information Sheet The St. Dominic Savio Council of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada is pleased to offer a small scholarship to a post-secondary student who is an active member of our parish and have a mother or grandmother who is a current CWL member. Eligibility Criteria: Currently under the… […]

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  • On the morning of Friday, January 12, 2007, the Washington Post conducted a social experiment.  The paper hired Joshua Bell, one of the world’s most gifted violin players and had him busk in a subway station during rush hour. The writer of the article wanted to know if in an ordinary place at an odd […]
  • My early religious training, for all its strengths, placed too heavy an emphasis on fear of God, fear of judgment, and fear of never being good enough to be pleasing to God. It took the biblical texts about God being angry and displeased with us literally. The downside of this was that many of us […]
  • I have loved Lego for as long as I can remember. This highly sophisticated interlocking brick system captured my imagination as a child, and even as an adult I appreciate the ingenuity that goes into designing a new set. While there is always room for a certain degree of creativity whenever you have a set […]
  • Resources for meditation to deepen your Advent prayer The Three Comings of the Lord: A Meditation for Personal or Parish-Wide Reflection A simple Advent reflection by Doctor of the Church St. Bernard of Clairvaux. St. Bernard of Clairvaux says there are three comings [of Christ]: Advent prepares not just for the first coming of Christ […]
  • Quinton Amundson Canadian Catholic News Matt Hoven’s book, On the Eighth Day: A Catholic Theology of Sport, was co-written with two PhD colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet foundational elements of this literary work were unofficially laid during the academic’s childhood. Hoven is an associate professor and the Peter and Doris Kule Chair in Catholic […]
  • I will never forget the first night I held her hand. We were driving on a cold night in early March 2004; I had misplaced my gloves and my hands were cold… and my future wife graciously obliged my need by clasping her hand into my own. I was thrilled, my heart began to race, […]
  • Sacred music and sacred art have been a rich part of the Catholic Church’s continuing legacy. The director of music at St. Joseph’s Basilica – Roderick Bryce – is participating in that legacy with his dedication to creating beautiful sacred music. The Basilica’s professional eight-piece vocal ensemble, the Schola Cantorum (Latin for “Song School”), is […]