A letter of Hope from Father Saga

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

Thanks be to God for we, who went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, came back to Edmonton safe and sound. Already on day 1 of our trip in Bethlehem, the issue of Corona virus began to trouble us. However, we managed to move to Jerusalem. For the following couple of days we were fortunate to visit the important holy places there in the city of David. We sang in the church of St Anne, unlike cowed Simon, we declared our faith in Jesus at the church of St Peter’s Gallicantu, prayed for the whole parish at Gethsemane, made la via dolorosa, said special prayers at the Holy Sepulchre. It was a short but spiritually enriching experience in Jerusalem. All in all, for us, it was like reliving with Jesus his last days: suffering, death and also resurrection – for we never lost Hope.

Dear brethren, the whole world now seems to be frightened of & afflicted by the Corona virus either directly or indirectly. Our prayers are for those who have been victims of this merciless, thorny corona. Let us continue to pray for them. As we are forced to stay indoors, let us not forget to pray more both individually and as families. Let us also remember those who are near us but in need of help and support. Even though on the spot visit may not be possible now, yet through the modern means of communication, it is possible for us to connect with the afflicted & elderly and share with them words of comfort &hope, and, if needed, offer them material support, as well. If the parish can do something to alleviate your anxiety /suffering, kindly, let us know.

Let us keep ourselves united in prayer.

God bless us all !

Fr Saga