Father Saga’s Easter Message

Dear brothers and sisters in the Risen Lord,

Happy Easter!

Of all the Christian feasts, Easter (the Resurrection of Christ) is the greatest and the most complete one. In fact, it is the Paschal Mystery that we celebrate every Sunday, on all liturgical feasts and in the daily Holy Mass. The readings of the Easter Vigil beautifully articulate the faith of our community in the liberation of people from sin, the creation of new humanity and new world in Risen Christ. It is the Risen Lord who gives back to humanity the dignity lost in sin and the possibility for new life. Since then, hope, freedom, joy and human solidarity have become possible in our world.

But all this does not come to us without a price. That is to say, we are invited to collaborate ever more personally with the grace and power of the Spirit and to die with Christ to the “old man”. No wonder why we are asked to work for total conversion: of mentality, of heart and of conduct, as the beginning of a new life. The Christian, risen with Jesus, must seek the things that are above where Christ is and eliminate sin from one’s life, because sin is the old leaven of corruption and wickedness. Only in this way we will become the new dough of the unleavened Easter bread. Let this be our Easter resolution! For this, let us ask the Risen Lord himself to grant us the grace to be able to shun all that is evil and embrace always all that is good, right, noble, honourable, pure and true.

At this point, I would like to THANK ALL of YOU for your prayers, loving acceptance, life of faith, and generous heart to the necessities of the parish. Let me thank the PPC, CWL, SEPC, the many groups, collaborators, volunteers involved in parish ministries. My special thanks to the office staff (Carolyn & Mona), those who help record the Holy Masses (Steven, Gerry, Carolyn, Sandra) and those decorated the Church (Roxanne & Co)., and many others.

Those of our parishioners who are ill, hospitalized, the elderly are always in my prayers. May the Lord turn their sufferings & pains into blessings!

My appreciation and special thanks to all our wonderful parish children and the marvelous youth group.

Let me take this opportunity, to wish all of you, each one of you individually. May the Risen Lord shower upon you and your families the Easter Blessings of New Life: pure heart, inner peace, good health, great prosperity!

Happy Easter!

Fr Sagayaraj Devadoss