Living in the Word for May 10, 2020 – Fifth Sunday of Easter

Father Saga’s Reflection:


Dear brethren in Christ Jesus,
Prayerful greetings to each one of you!

When people all over the world are hit by the covid-19 and everything seems to be collapsing, the words of Jesus in today’s gospel bring us relief and encouragement. Let not your hearts be troubled. What a comforting expression! These are words that we hear a lot from our parents (especially from Mothers whom we honour today) who love us. These are truly the words of Jesus whose love for us never diminishes!

From a very human point of view, it may sound difficult to think of trusting God and feeling ourselves serene, when we do not actually see him and when he is not physically present in our life. But at the same time, we know that for people who love us and show us their affection, we are able to give them our trust and feel it even when they are far away from us, because, in the heart of our hearts, we know what they have done for us and have told us.

With God it is quite different and more difficult, we should say. And yet we can consider ourselves fortunate, because this God of ours did not remain hidden from us and mysterious. Instead God has given us someone special, so that we may know, understand and feel his closeness to us: he is Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Yes, Jesus is that real person who actually has spoken to us and who still speaks to our heart every Sunday, lightens our yoke and above all makes us feel always loved and welcomed, even if we have not known him personally!

This is a wonderful thing and thanks to Jesus for this. It is because of him we come to know God and his great love for us. Above all we are united in this faith with those who, like us, believe in God and want to be close to him.

In this story of friendship with the Lord, we are not alone because there is a place for each of us and each one of us has his/her own unique place – as unique as each of us is! I find this as a beautiful and an important thing to remember, particularly when we lose trust in ourselves. It is an amazing thing to bear in mind, also because Jesus trusts us and this is why it has to be taken as an example for trusting and welcoming those who are different from us.

Some of us may ask: But how to reach this special place? How to get to be a friend of Jesus and get to our place and stay along with Jesus?
Well, in today’s Gospel Jesus clearly indicates to us the “directions” that would lead us to our place, when he says: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
These directions seem difficult to understand and follow, but in reality it is easier than we can imagine, simply because it is something we are already working on.

Following the Way of Jesus is nothing else but following what he says, the advice he gives us, the words that he speaks to us in prayer and also understanding what he suggests (values & ideals) to us in important moments of our life. All this means following Jesus and getting to know the Way of life that he proposes for us.

Why to follow Jesus?
We have to follow Jesus, because he loves us and his are words of Truth.
What better thing can there be than an advice, a word or an encouragement that is based on the truth of him who seeks only our good! How much more value is there for the advice of a person who loves us and who wants our good and wellbeing than of a person unknown to us?

And Jesus is Life because only he can give us the real Life and the beauty & joy of living it; only he can give us the true & noble feeling/sense of always being loved.

Jesus said all this to his apostles before leaving them and undergoing suffering; because with his advice they might be able to walk in truth joyfully at every step taken in love.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,
This is what Jesus tells us today: that he is always close to us and guides us towards the path of joy of life. So, let us always allow ourselves to be guided by Jesus. Let us ask him for the strength to have faith in him always and hope in this life that sees us all of us as traveling companions. Let us continue to journey with Jesus, our special Friend.

Today, we remember in a special way all our amazing Mothers and pray for them. Let us make them feel better and happier! Happy Mother’s Day!

Fr. Sagayaraj Devadoss