Living in the Word for Sunday July 12th, 2020 “The day Jesus left the house and sat by the sea”

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

The Gospel of this Sunday is centred on the theme of God the sower. God sows his Word generously on every type of land. His Word obviously fills the world with life.

“The sower went out to sow”. Already just this one phrase vibrates with joy and prophecy and is full of promises and harvests, a sign of bread and no hunger. Even now God goes out to sow generously. The pathways of the world and of the soul rejoice before God, the source of our lives. God is not the harvester who judges and weighs the harvest, but is the sower. He is the hand that gives, the strength that sustains, the day that begins, the voice that awakens.

Let each of us, therefore, ask/tell: how many times have I slowed down the course of miracle!
I am like a road, I am like a field of stones and rocks, I am like a tangle of thorns, a trampled heart, a stone surface,… I grow only thorns and roots of poison…

Well, we really like this Jesus who speaks in parables: the sower went out to sow and the world becomes full of life. Thus, the parable makes life to speak.
Life is not empty. There is something of God in life. If only we had eyes to look at life, if only we had the depth of the eyes of Jesus, we, too, would write parables in this life. We would tell of God using parables and poetry, as Jesus did.

We are called to be farmers of the Word, to spread it everywhere, with confident determination of the parable; because the strength is not in the sower, but in the seed; the strength is not in me, but in the Word. It will not return to God without bearing fruit.

The sower went out to sow. He still goes out to sow today, this morning, now. This sower-God, peasant God is great. He is great because he believes in the goodness and strength of the Word even more than in the visible fruits. He believes in the Word even more than in its results. It is the Word which is true, not so much its results.

God calls me to an act of pure faith, to believe in the goodness of the Gospel even more than the visible results of that word, to believe that God transforms the earth and people even when I do not see the fruits. He calls me to love his promise even more than the fulfillment of the promise, to love God even more than the promises of God.

This is an act of joyful and strong faith that the Gospel proposes today.
I don’t need crops, I just need big fields to sow and a heart not robbed.
I need God who sows, whom my dryness never tires.
And still the paths of the world will be able to celebrate life.
Let us therefore thank God-the sower who, by sowing his Word, brings life into our lives.

Have a wonderful summer week-end!
Fr Saga.