We are not alone for God is with Us!

Dear brothers & sisters in Jesus,
Every time we celebrate Christmas, it makes us wonder at the mystery of the Incarnation.
God is the Word, the Word that created the whole universe. At “Christmas” this powerful God, Lord of the universe, God of the Exodus becomes like one of us. He really becomes “flesh”,
total weakness, limited, mortal, an element so human that he cannot be poorer and comes
to dwell among us.

What does Incarnation, therefore, mean to tell us then?
It tell us that we are no longer alone. Our flesh is no longer left to itself: someone takes
care of it, makes himself a neighbour, so equal to us as to make us totally equal to him. Therefore, let us ask him, particularly at Christmas, to help us live our weaknesses and to be able to overcome them little by little; to help us to alleviate the loneliness of so many elderly people, who today might only hear “Merry Christmas” from the television announcer. Let us ask him
to bring about healing to the sick, especially afflicted by Corona virus; let us ask him so that
our children may grow in the knowledge of God & our young people in wisdom and
not to bar the doors of their hearts to those who are different from them/us. Let us ask him
to help us all to forgive and forget the evil received. Finally, let us ask him to help us
to understand that our “flesh”, our weakness, is not an obstacle to salvation, but it is the way
to get there, because today, that road, Jesus has reopened it to us.
Let us thank Jesus who has become like us to be with us, because he loves us.
This is why we are not alone in love. God is with us. He is Emmanuel.

At this point I would like to thank ALL of YOU for being great parishioners of St Dominic Savio. I express my sense of gratitude to all of you – for your prayers, witness, and support.
Let me thank, in particular, Deacon Steven Defer for the role he plays in the parish ministry and Carolyn, the only office staff now, for her hard work. Likewise, I owe much to the PPC, CWL, CFC, Marian Group, Choir Groups, Helpers, Volunteers Group, particularly those help us
these days so that we may stay safe, pray & worship better. May the Lord bless YOU ALL
at Christmas and keep you under his wings of love & protection now & always.
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!
Fr Saga