Synod 2021-2023

How and when will I participate in this Synod?

How and when will I participate in this Synod?

We hope you are eager to participate in this synod because we are ready to go.

To get you started, there will be several information sessions held starting February 28 to March 5 both in our parish and online through the archdiocese. The information session PowerPoint document will be on our website.

Pray the synod prayer.

There are proposed questions to help you discern (understand) what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation.  Starting March 9 to the end of April, there will be several Listening Sessions to facilitate discussion related to the proposed questions.

You will submit your anonymous responses to the Archdiocese synod coordinator before April 29. She will then compile these into a document to be forwarded to the Vatican. The Vatican will compile a document from these and submit it to Pope Francis to assist him with guiding the Church into the future.

The questions are available on our parish website, the Archdiocese website and we also have paper copies if you prefer. Reviewing and praying about these questions is beneficial before attending a listening session. There is no need to pre-register for parish sessions, all are welcome. All synodal information is available in any language.

Check the board in the foyer, our website, and the archdiocese website ( for more details.

Stay informed and participate.

Information sessions:

  • Monday, February 28 from 7-745 pm (zoom link in the bulletin/on the parish website)
  • Tuesday, March 1 from 9-945 am (church basement)
  • Tuesday, March 1 from 10 to noon (archdiocese)
  • Wednesday, March 2 from 7 to 9 pm (archdiocese)
  • Saturday, March 5 from 4-445 pm (on zoom and church basement)

Cardinal Collins speaks on the synod:

 Synod info PowerPoint:

Synod Questions: 

Edmonton Archdiocese website: