Synod 2021-2023

Ready to submit your personal story to the Holy Father?

Good, because your voice matters!

Have you prayed about the synod, reviewed the consultative questions and attended a listening session yet? There are many listening session dates and times to choose from. You only need to respond to questions that speak to you. Just tell your story!

In the spirit of the synod, avoid the temptation…

  • of wanting to lead ourselves instead of being led by God
  • to focus on ourselves and our immediate concerns
  • to only see problems
  • of focusing only on structures
  • not to look beyond the visible confines of the Church
  • to lose focus on the objectives of the Synodal process
  • of conflict and division
  • to treat the Synod as a kind of parliament or town hall meeting
  • to listen only to those who are already involved in Church activities
  • of simplifying this process to the level of a “to do” list

Link to the submission platform:

You can also submit by mail or request computer assistance through the parish office.

Further information, including listening sessions, is available on this website, in the bulletin, on the board in the foyer, and on the archdiocese website ( Stay informed and be heard!

Great video to help understand the consultative questions: