Synod 2021-2023

March 19 — 20, 2022 – Synod Info F

What in the world goes on at the synodal listening session??

Well… you gather with your peers to discern what the Holy Spirit is asking you to share. It is a safe and respectful space to reflect on a Bible reading followed by time spent contemplating and discussing some of the synodal consultation questions to help inspire your response. This is why it is recommended you review a few of the consultation questions before attending. Instructions on submitting your anonymous responses will also be provided.

What is shared in a listening session stays in the listening session!

Then you will be ready to submit your response and will have been heard!!

Stay informed and participate. Further information available on the parish and archdiocese website, as well as on the synod board in the church foyer.

Link to the synod questions with short introduction page

Link to the submission platform:


You can also submit by mail (8421 101 St., Edmonton, AB T6A 0L1) or request computer assistance through the parish office to submit online.