Children’s Liturgy

Dear St. Dominic Savio Parents,

We want to help you become the first spiritual educator for your child during this pandemic. Your weekly efforts will bear fruit, building a strong faith in God, trust in His plan, and greater love for one another in your family. As a suggestion, each week you can watch Mass online with Father Saga and then try out a new activity we will post both here and on the Masses page.

Children’s Liturgy Weekly Activity

Jun 28 – 13th Sunday

Jun 21 – 12th Sunday

Jun 14 – Feast of Christ Body & Blood

Jun 7 – Feast of Holy Trinity

May 31- Pentecost _Cycle A

Children’s Liturgy May 24- 7th Sunday of Easter

May 17- 6th Sunday of Easter _Cycle A

Children’s Liturgy May 3- 4th Sunday of Easter _Cycle A

Children’s Liturgy Apr 26- 3rd Sunday of Easter

Apr 19- 2nd Sunday of Easter

Apr 12-Easter Sunday

Apr 5-Palm Sunday_Children’s Liturgy

Mar 28_29_5th Sun of Lent_Cycle A