Parish Committees

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

The Parish Pastoral Council is established to provide advice and assistance to the pastor concerning the pastoral needs of the parish. A Parish Pastoral Council is presided over by the pastor and is to be representative of the faith community, the parish. It is consultative and advisory in nature. The members of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) share in the concern for the growth of the parishioners and the parish community and for their spiritual and pastoral welfare. (See Archdiocesan Policy No. 1105)

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body whose primary purpose is to work with the Pastor regarding matters pertaining to the pastoral life of the parish. It involves the Parish Team and representative parishioners in assisting in the discernment of the ongoing pastoral needs of the parish and in suggesting strategies helpful in pastoral planning and action devoted to living out the message of the Gospel. 

The Parish Council is chaired by Gerry Simard who can be reached at (780) 478-8246;

Liturgy Committee

“All concerned should work together in the effective preparation of each liturgical celebration as to its rites, pastoral aspects, and music. They should work under the direction of the rector of the church and should consult the faithful” (General Introduction to the Roman Missal, no. 73).

The Liturgy Committee is chaired by Al Houle who can be reached at (780) 457-5949;

Parish Finance Committee

Every parish is to have only one finance committee in accordance with canons 532 and 537. A Parish Finance Committee is required to assist in overseeing the finances of the parish.

“In each parish there is to be a finance council which is governed, in addition to universal law, by norms issued by the diocesan bishop and in which the Christian faithful, selected according to these same norms, are to assist the pastor in the administration of the goods of the parish” —Code of Canon Law, can. 537.

The committee is comprised of members of the faithful who act in an advisory capacity to assist the pastor in the administration of the goods of the parish. (See Archdiocesan Policy No. 230).

The Parish Finance Committee is chaired by Bea Salmon who can be reached at (780)-457-6811;