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Social Justice – May 2020

Do you have something to say to our MP and Minister of Health before they vote to amend the Criminal Code in regards to further opening up access to medical assistance in dying?
In it’s SECOND READING, Bill C7 amends the Criminal Code to, among other things,

(a) repeal the provision that requires a person’s natural death be reasonably foreseeable in order for them to be eligible for medical assistance in dying;
(b) specify that persons whose sole underlying medical condition is a mental illness are not eligible for medical assistance in dying;
(c) create two sets of safeguards that must be respected before medical assistance in dying may be provided to a person, the application of which depends on whether the person’s natural death is reasonably foreseeable;
(d) permit medical assistance in dying to be provided to a person who has been found eligible to receive it, whose natural death is reasonably foreseeable and who has lost the capacity to consent before medical assistance in dying is provided, on the basis of a prior agreement they entered into with the medical practitioner or nurse practitioner; and
(e) permit medical assistance in dying to be provided to a person who has lost the capacity to consent to it as a result of the self-administration of a substance that was provided to them under the provisions governing medical assistance in dying in order to cause their own death.

With regards to Bill C7 (medical assistance in dying) currently under 2nd legislative reading in the House of Commons; the Bishops of Canada have expressed their concerns voicing their strong opposition to the proposed legislation.

If you want to take action please refer to the attached documents.

To help formulate your own Letter : C7 Letter to MP Zaid Aboultaif
To help formulate your own Letter : C7 Letter to Minister of Health Ms. Hajdu
To simply print and sign/date a form letter, Bill C7 Letter to MP Mr. Aboultaif
To simply print and sign/date a form letter, Bill C7 Letter to Health Minister Patty Hajdu

Thank you for helping us share our thoughts to illuminate our elected officials!

Faith   If you have not done so, how about joining our CWL Prayer Line? When someone calls in for a prayer request, someone will call you and let you know who to pray for.  You can then include the person in your daily prayer.


There are many opportunities where you can be of service. We always are in need of volunteers.  The commitment of service can range from 2 years (Executive) to a few minutes of your time.  Sometimes we will be hosting an event and we need help for a short time.  For example, the Diocesan Convention is coming up and we will need people to help serve refreshments and greet guests. Try to find something that you will feel comfortable doing.  Many hands make light work!

Social Justice/Outreach

As CWL members we have a duty to protect the vulnerable members of our society.  These include the unborn, children, the mentally challenged, the elderly and the abused women.  We are also a voice for injustices such as Euthanasia, Abortion, Water and Land Conservation.  The National CWL publishes many articles about these issues.  I encourage you to take time to read these articles and communiques at  It is important to be aware of what is going on in Canada and around the world.


I believe that we need to reach out and communicate with all of our CWL members.  I am looking for people to phone some members to see how they are doing.

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