A September 2021 Update is coming soon! Enjoy your summer ladies!

Meetings & Past Meeting Minutes


• Executive Meeting – Saturday, January 23, 2021 from 2:30pm – 3:30pm
• General Meeting – Saturday, February 6, 2021 from 2:30pm – 3:30 pm

My Dear Sisters in Christ,

Happy New Year!
It is exciting that there is a vaccine that will be soon available for all of us. However, we still have to be careful and stay safe. There is a major directive from National to have an Instructed Vote. This vote has to be done in-person so we need to have a General Meeting with at least 10% of our total membership present. I have sent the proposed Amendments to members via email and Mable is mailing the Amendments to those members who do not have e-mails. I have also sent my President’s Report for January.

I am including the links to the Amendments and my President’s Report here:
CWL Presidents Report January 2021
Motions for the amendments to CB Feb.6.21
Motion increase per capita fee Feb.6.21

If you are able to come to the General Meeting on Saturday, February 6th at 2:30pm please make sure that you have read the Amendments documents prior to the meeting. Everyone should be familiar with the Amendments prior to the meeting. Also, please register for the General Meeting under Masses on the parish website.

If you are interested in being on the phone prayer line, please contact me at 780-288-1144 or via my email at

CWL Sunday Masses at 9:30am – Sunday January 17th and February 21st.

Last Reminder: CWL Memberships are due January 31, 2021


Isabelle Hebert

Registration Form 2021

Faith   If you have not done so, how about joining our CWL Prayer Line? When someone calls in for a prayer request, someone will call you and let you know who to pray for.  You can then include the person in your daily prayer.

Service There are many opportunities where you can be of service. We always are in need of volunteers.  The commitment of service can range from 2 years (Executive) to a few minutes of your time.  Sometimes we will be hosting an event and we need help for a short time.  For example, the Diocesan Convention is coming up and we will need people to help serve refreshments and greet guests. Try to find something that you will feel comfortable doing.  Many hands make light work!

Social Justice/Outreach As CWL members we have a duty to protect the vulnerable members of our society.  These include the unborn, children, the mentally challenged, the elderly and the abused women.  We are also a voice for injustices such as Euthanasia, Abortion, Water and Land Conservation.  The National CWL publishes many articles about these issues.  I encourage you to take time to read these articles and communiques at  It is important to be aware of what is going on in Canada and around the world.