RCIA for Children

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Adapted for Children

Please read the Message to Catechumens and Candidates from Archbishop Richard Smith, April 2, 2020:


RCIA Adapted for Children is an enlightening ministry supporting children aged 8 to 13 years old who have not been baptized or done their First Holy Communion and are inquiring about becoming part of the Roman Catholic faith community. It was developed by the Roman Catholic Church and is easy to follow and understand. Typically, 1 hour meetings are held weekly from the fall to Pentecost.

It is a 4 phase process where prospective converts to Catholicism are introduced to Roman Catholic beliefs and practices and discover how God is present in their lives through education, formation and ritualization. Working with their family and perhaps school, they begin with the basics of the Catholic faith while building community within their own group; they then delve deeper to be closer to God and to the parish community. The third stage is that of Purification and Enlightenment and they receive their Holy Sacraments at Easter Vigil. The final stage is where they are welcomed as full members into the Roman Catholic community and go on to live a full sacramental and faith filled life.

Volunteers are blessed to be able to welcome children into God’s family and watch them prosper in His Grace. Resources are available and support is abundant through comprehensive training and ongoing by the Parish Pastoral Assistant, the Edmonton Archdiocese and the parish Pastor. You will learn more about your own faith as you guide and journey with those who are yearning for God’s love. In the RCIA Adapted for Children Ministry you can truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Sponsors are practicing Roman Catholics who support RCIA Adapted for Children inquirers through the process on an individual basis. Though they are not required to attend meetings they offer encouragement and guidance along the way. They should be over 16 years of age.