Communion & Reconciliation

First Communion & First Reconciliation 2021 Registration is now closed.

In addition to preparation provided by the Catholic School Grade 2 program, our pastoral team helps prepare families for this sacramental celebration.  First Communion registration usually occurs early in the calendar year. These Sacraments are available for children aged 7 and older.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation or ‘confession’ is Jesus’ recognition that we are humans.

When we are baptized, our original sin is washed away and we receive the Grace of Christian Initiation. But Jesus knew that many would forget their Baptismal promises and may fall into sin.

Since His mercy is infinite, it is natural that He would provide a way to receive His Grace through the heartfelt and mindful confession of the sins, and a genuine want for forgiveness through penance.

The preparation for this Sacrament takes place prior to First Communion, usually in the fall. 

First Communion is when a person receives the body of Christ (Holy Eucharist) for the First time. Due to social distancing measures required in this Pandemic, this will happen during Mass. Father Saga will call the child to come to the altar. One parent may come up with the child, bringing candle and wearing masks (both parent and child). The child will be instructed to remove the mask and blow out the candle prior to receiving Communion when the time comes.

Two children at each Mass can receive these Sacraments and each family can register up to ten attendees at the Mass in advance. Additional family can register for Mass on a first come basis.

If you have questions please email:

“Those who have been raised to the dignity of the royal priesthood by Baptism, and configured more deeply to Christ by Confirmation, participate with the whole community in the Lord’s own sacrifice by means of the Eucharist.”

– The Catechism of the Catholic Church