First Reconciliation, Summer of 2020:

Children will receive their First Reconciliation in the Conference room 30 minutes BEFORE the Mass they are scheduled to receive First Communion

Please review with your child the following Preparation sheet, and watch the video below with your child to help them prepare!
2020 Reconciliation Preparation

The Sacrament of Reconciliation or ‘confession’ is Jesus’ recognition that we are humans.

When we are baptized, our original sin is washed away and we receive the Grace of Christian Initiation. But Jesus knew that many would forget their Baptismal promises and may fall into sin.

Since His mercy is infinite, it is natural that He would provide a way to receive His Grace through the heartfelt and mindful confession of the sins, and a genuine want for forgiveness through penance.

The preparation for this Sacrament takes place prior to First Communion, usually in the fall.  We require parents and children to attend a registration meeting prior to receiving the Sacrament.